Wild West Games

Cork Shooting Range

All the fun of the fair. This popular attraction is perfect for those whole love the sensation of actually shooing something. Using converted air rifles sharpshooters will have a set amount of cork to see if that can shoot a can off the shelf.





Cactus Hoopla / Lasso

A fantastic add on game to any Wild West or Rodeo Bull Booking, Fun for all ages the Cactus Hoopla Game is a challenge of hand/eye coordination. We also bring along a genuine Lasso imported from a range in America for those who fancy having a go at Lassoing a Cactus.



Lasso The Bull Game

Custom made here at Happy Days Events HQ its our Lasso The Bull Game. Inspiration was taken from how the real life cowboys train to lasso there wild animals to create this challenging game. Made using the head of a Rodeo Bull, real cow hide and genuine Lariat ropes imported from a real ranch un the USA we have made the effort to make this experience s close as possible.

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