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Yeeeer ha! All you budding cowboys & girls out there, here’s you chance to have a good old fashioned ho down, happy days events have many years experience in western theme’s we can supply many different props, wild west games to fit all your requirements whether you just want a few props or a full on wild west layout, we like to pay attention to detail to give a very authentic look, we supply buildings , barrels, flags, saddles, and much much more, it so authentic by the end of the night you may well find yourself talking in an American ac sent, Other items available for hire include…

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Rodeo Bull 16′ X 16 £350 with operator pic
Rodeo Bull Corral 16′ X 16′ £400 with operator pic
new laser shooting simulator 16′ x 10′ £350 with operator pic
corkshoot  with operator 10′ X 10′ £275 with operator pic
lassoing cactus with operator 10′ X 10′ £160 with operator pic
horse shoe throwing with operator 10′ X 10′ £160 with operator pic
Saloon bar shoot out 10′ x 10′ £350 with operator


Saloon bar entrance 7′ x 14′ £195 Theming pic
Jail house front 7′ x 14′ £160 Theming pic
general store 7′ X 14′ £160 Theming pic
Under takers 7′ X 14′ £160 Theming pic


church backdrop 20′ X 10′ £175 Theming pic
western town backdrop 20′ X 10′ £175 Theming pic
saloon bar backdrop 20′ X 10′ £175 Theming pic

Life like replicas

john Wayne life size statue 6.2′ tall £65 Theming pic
cowboy life size statue 5.5′tall £45 Theming pic
fibre glass cactus 6′ tall £40 Theming pic

More props

barrels 4′ tall £20 Theming pic
smaller barrels 3” tall £15 Theming pic
Wagon wheels large £15 Theming pic
saddles £15 Theming pic
corn sacks n/a £5 Theming
3 flag pole display 8′ tall £25 Theming
flags on poles 8′ tall £9 Theming pic
flags Confederate 5′ x 3′ £4 Theming pic
ranch fencing 48′ £70 Theming
western signs n/a £5 Theming pic
cacti’s 6′ £9 Theming pic
cacti’s 8′ tall £12 Theming pic
western drinks bar 8′ long £100 working pic
western drinks bar 16′long £175 working pic
Hangman’s gallows 8′tall £50 Theming pic
wanted posters n/a £4 Theming pic
western projected films n/a £99 Theming
Cowboy boots n/a £7 Theming pic
TNT detinator n/a £10 Theming pic
Giant horse shoe 6′ tall £15 Theming pic

Discounts on multiple items
spend £500 on theming and props and get a 10%discount
spend £1000 and get 15% discount
we will always supply some free items when possible as we always want to impress our customers naturally for future business and recommendations

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