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We appreciate that you have a lot of choice when looking for Rodeo Bull Hire so we have priced ourselves competitively amongst other operators, whilst being able to provide the highest standard of equipment.

We always do our best for our customers so if you have any special requirements please call and ask and if we can do it we will be happy to help.

Bucking Bronco Hire LondonBucking Bronco Hire London

The Horn Rodeo Bull is by far our most popular Rodeo Bull perfect for that Wild West look.

By replacing our Rodeo Bulls EVERY YEAR We can make sure we provide you with not only the safest, top of the range Rodeo Bull Hire but also they will arrive at your event in immaculate condition.

Bucking Bronco Hire London.

So Why Happy Days Events?

  • All of our Rodeo Bulls are replaced every year.

  • All are top of the range models that have Twin competition timer that shows the top score and the current score.

  • They look the part with Real cowhide and a range of inflatable beds to choose from.

  • All Rodeo Bulls come with a fully trained operator in a Happy Days Events uniform.

  • We carry all of the required insurances and risk assessments.

  • Most importantly we care, about every event, every customer, every rider.

 Bucking Bronco Hire London

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Requirements for the Rodeo Bull Hire:

  • 33 inch gap required for the Rodeo Bull to enter.

  • 4.5 metres square minimum footprint.

  • Power: 13amp sockets required within 25 metres.

  • 9ft head high clearance.

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